Actresses Who Can Pull Off Red Monika

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Red Monika debuted as one of the main protagonists in the Battle Chasers comic book in 1998. With her history and natural talent for combat, she’s one force to be reckoned with. Her talents aren’t the only things that can kill. What Red Monika is most known for is her… assets.

Creator and artist of Battle Chasers, Joe Madureira, found inspiration for Red Monika from her fellow comic book character Red Sonjia, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit‘s Jessica Rabbit. Years ago, it was teased on April Fool’s that a Battle Chasers movie would be in the works. Even though it was a joke, comic book fans everywhere started wondering who would make the best Red Monika.

Which drop dead gorgeous actress can pull off Red Monika? It’s time to pick your jaw up off the floor, and start casting your votes for which actresses can fill the role of Red Monika.

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