GENDER PLAN HSE hires more personnel as more than 300 teenagers and young adults are on waiting list for hormone treatment ahead of sex change

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Now the HSE is hiring nine personnel to work with those wishing to access treatment via the public health system.

Minister for Health Promotion Catherine Byrne revealed new National Gender Clinics are being developed and recruitment will begin shortly.

The posts will include two consultant endocrinologists — who can administer hormone treatment — including one specialist in paediatric services who will focus on teens.

Other paediatric specialists include a senior psychologist, a clinical nurse specialist and an administrative support officer.

The HSE also wants to hire other professionals to deal with adults on the waiting list — a social worker, a speech and language therapist, a senior psychologist and an administrative support officer.

Speaking to the Irish Sun, Stephen O’Hare, of Transgender Equality Network Ireland, said: “We very much welcome the confirmation that these positions will be recruited. It will take some time for these posts to come on stream.

“People can be aware of differences and their own gender identity from an early age. The vast majority accessing services are pre-18 and in their teenage years.

“Surgery relates only to people over 18 but you have to be on hormones for at least a year before. The services we are talking about here are not surgical.”

The details of the posts were revealed by Minister Byrne in reply to parliamentary questions from TDs Tommy Broughan, Clare Daly and Ruth Coppinger.

She told how a “proposed model of care for transgender children, adolescents and adults” had now been developed.

And the guidelines state anyone wishing to change gender must undertake a “comprehensive multidisciplinary psycho-social assessment prior to commencement of hormone therapy by endocrinology services”.

Minister Byrne said: “The assessment focuses on more than just assessment for the possible diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria. The guidelines highlight several criteria which must be met prior to referral for hormonal intervention.

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