Kendall Jenner’s Style – One Ankle Boot

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Kendall Jenner walks down all the main NY Fashion Week airstrips in fashionable heels, when she’s not occupied. The model sporting a pair of statement boots. The anaconda-embossed 3.1 Phillip Lim booties have been Jenner’s footwear of choice this week. She’s matching them with everything from harvested jeans to an all-black collaborative.

Kendall Jenner’s “Flunky” ankle boots

from the designer’s S/S 17 assembly and feature a unique front-zip feature with silver hoops along the back and around the ankle. 

There’s also a cutout in the back, making this the perfect impermanent shoe style that can make its way into any mainspring wardrobe. It’s no secret that the classic has an empathy for ankle boots. Particularly when she’s dressed in a super off-the-cuff off-duty look—but she just put these splendors on our detector.

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