Leukemia man quits treatment, funds mother’s wedding

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This 21-year-old man, named Wang Peihong, quit medical treatment for leukemia, instead raising money to hold a wedding ceremony for his mother in his hometown – Shouguang city, Shangdong Province.

Wang was diagnosed with leukemia in 2014 and used up almost all of his family’s savings. Wang’s father had previously passed away, so his mother, named Feng Tiancai, has been the single breadwinner of the family, earning money by planting vegetables.

Witnessing his mother toiling away every day, Wang decided to stop his treatment and hold a wedding ceremony for his mother and his stepfather, named Wang Zhaofu.

Over the past year, Wang Peihong has been raising money online and finally earned enough money to pay for a wedding ceremony at home.

Last week, with a community of caring people in attendance, his mother’s wedding ceremony took place and Feng received blessings from neighbors, which moved her to tears. On this special occasion, in Wang’s eyes, the most courteous way in which he could express thanks to his mother was by kneeling down.

Wang said that he was not afraid of death but felt sorry for his mother that he would not be able to look after her in the future. And he hoped his mother would always be happy even after he passed away one day.

Since the photos of Wang’s mother in her wedding gown went viral, they have moved thousands of netizens’ hearts, with many sending their blessings to both him and his mother.

“Children with filial piety; it’s truly heartbreaking. May you recover quickly and regain your health,” said @Sugelameidi.

“This single mother has worked so hard, and her son got this disease. The son is willing to see that someone could look after his mother during his lifetime. Pray for them and may he be cured,” wrote @Hongyan in comments on Tencent, one of the main Chinese social media sites.

“Kid, I hope there can be a miracle for you to cure you of leukemia. Blessings to you. Keep fighting and believe that tomorrow will be much better,”

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