Remy Ma dropped a joint album Fat Joe called Plata O Plomo today. To get the talk out they came Jimmy Kimmel Live! for a show of their Ty Dolla Sign-assisted solo “Money Showers”. Their show assisted by a gang was quite low key in the initial half of the song. The standout star up to that fact may well have been Dolla Sign’s nobble tan coat. But then Remy stepped out from the adjacent of the stage and marked everybody.

It shouldn’t come as much of a wonder.

The BX Savior has always been able to rap rings around the Terror Squad kingpin. And Ty is really only there for peg callings. But seeing it happen in real time is still appealing. And it’s good to see Remy doing stuffs that are not directly related to lessening Nicki Minaj.

Ma has been showjumping the NY recurrence for all its value then her hit with Fat Joe “All The Way Up” became of freestyle desired. Ma’s resumed the favor with sections over A Boogie’s “My Sh*t” and the vital take on Young M.A.’s “Ooouuu.” If you want extra Remy right this exact jiffy, stream Plata O Plomo.


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