Jenna Jameson Slams Bill Maher: ‘I’ve Seen You At Playboy Mansion, You Fit In With P**** Grabbers’




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Jenna Jameson Slams Bill Maher: ‘I’ve Seen You At Playboy Mansion, You Fit In With P**** Grabbers’

Former porn star Jenna Jameson has attacked Bill Maher for criticizing President Trump over his infamous “grab them by the p****” remarks, claiming she saw Maher at the Playboy mansion and he “fits right in with us ‘p**** grabbers'”.

On Sunday night, Jameson went to Twitter to accuse the host of HBO’s Real Time of hypocrisy for criticizing Trump over the infamous remarks in the 2005 recording with Billy Bush. In the recording, now-President Trump said that when he sees a beautiful woman he feels the urge to “grab them by the p****”.

“Just watched @billmaher for s**** and giggles. You rail Trump about his grabbing p**** statement? lol I’ve seen you at the [Playboy] mansion,” she tweeted.


Jenna Jameson@jennajameson

Just watched @billmaher for shits and giggles. You rail Trump about his grabbing pussy statement? lol I've seen you at the PB mansion, 
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